Mission Statement

Pathways to Success

Tantasqua Regional High School is a learning community that presents students with numerous pathways to success.  Our school provides students of different interests, abilities, and goals with a variety of meaningful and challenging opportunities for achievement.  These opportunities foster life-long learning through academic, career, and personal growth.  Tantasqua enables students to develop a sense of citizenshipand to act responsibly within the school community and within our multi-cultural world.

All Tantasqua students will have sufficient opportunities to accomplish the following academic, civic, and social expectations:

Academic Expectations
  Select educational pathways consistent with interests, abilities, and goals.
  Assume responsibility for academic achievement.
  Acquire, interpret, analyze, integrate and apply information in a discerning manner.
  Demonstrate ability to use technology appropriate to subject areas.
  Exhibit ability to read, write, communicate, and compute.
Civic Expectation
bullet  Display an understanding of the participatory nature, responsibilities, and benefits of citizenship and community service in a representative democracy.
Social Expectations
  Demonstrate respect, responsibility, and maturity in interactions within the school community.
  Display tolerance and understanding in our multi-cultural world.

Folder Image  School-wide Rubric for assessing expectations for student learning