Program of Studies

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Brief videos describing many of the courses can be found here: academic and technical.

Introduction: Principal's Message, Mission Statement, General Information, Graduation Requirements, Guidance Department, Equal Opportunity Statement.

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English: All students must pass a minimum of 20 English credits including Literature & Composition I & II and one course from two of three core literature categories: American, British, and World. Additionally, all students must enroll in at least one English course every year.

Fine Arts: All students must pass a minimum of 5 credits in a visual or performing art.

Foreign Language: For college admission purposes, it is recommended that students pass a minimum of two courses in the same foreign language.

History/Social Studies: All students must pass a minimum of 15 credits in history/social studies including World History/Civilizations and United States History I & II.

Life Skills/Physical Education: All students must pass a minimum of 7.5 credits in Physical Education and 2.5 credits in Health.

Mathematics: All students must pass a minimum of 15 mathematics credits at an appropriate level.

Science: All students must pass a minimum of 15 science credits including a minimum of 5 credits in Biology.

Special Education Program

Technical Division Electives for Academic Division Students: Academic Division students may enroll in these courses on a space-available basis.

Technical Division Programs: Required courses for students enrolled in the Technical Division.

Virtual High School/Online Courses and Internships/Community Service


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Equal Opportunity

The Tantasqua Regional School District ensures equal educational opportunity in all its programs and activities.  All programs, services, courses of study and co-curricular activities are offered without regard to race, color, sex/gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness in compliance with federal and state law.  Any student or parent/guardian having a question, concern or complaint is invited to contact the school principal or equal opportunity coordinator.