Tantasqua Warrior Athletic Hall of Fame



Thank you for taking the time to review our Warrior Athletic Hall of Fame guidelines.  We appreciate your efforts in helping us create and maintain a display of excellence here at Tantasqua.

As you read through the information provided on our website, we would like for you to keep some things in mind.  First; the person you may recommend for consideration should have the credentials to support their nomination.  The more information you provide, the better understanding the committee will have of the nominee.  Second; to some extent you will have to be objective when nominating an individual.  While you may be a close friend of your nominee, you must feel secure that they are worthy of selection.  Finally; some nominees may not be granted admission into the Hall of Fame in the first year.  This will be in part due to the number of applications received and the amount of openings each year. All nominations will be held for three years for consideration.

Nomination forms are provided to you on this website.  Feel free to download them and send them to warriorHOF@tantasqua.org.  If you feel comfortable making a copy and mailing it to the committee, please send it to:

Athletic Office
c/o Warrior Hall of Fame
319 Brookfield Road
Fiskdale, MA   01518

Once again, thank you for supporting our programs here at Tantasqua.

The Hall of Fame Committee



President - Bob Casaceli
Principal - Mike Lucas
Athletic Director - Karrah Ellis
Booster Club President - Peg Hall

Appointed Alums/Retired Coaches:
Laura McHugh
Sarah Lucia Shaw
Rocky Thompson
Leigh Joseph
Bill Carroll
Bill Emrich, Jr.
Bob Foley


Hall of Fame Timeline (pdf)
Hall of Fame Induction Class (pdf)
Purpose/Procedures (pdf)
Coach Nomination Form (pdf)
Student Athlete Nomination Form (pdf)
Team Nomination Form (pdf)
Administrator/Friend/Contributor Nomination Form (pdf)