Local Scholarships

Local Scholarships are available to our senior students through the generosity of many local organizations. These local scholarships are available for students to begin applying for starting in February of senior year. All scholarship applications can be accessed via Naviance under the Scholarship tab and then choose Local Scholarships. Paper copies are located in the scholarship file cabinet in the School Counseling Office for students, parents, and/or guardians to pick up.

National Scholarships

National Scholarships are available for application year round.  National scholarships are generally larger in the amount awarded but more competitive in nature.  Some national scholarship applications are sent to the Tantasqua School Counseling Office on a regular basis.  When received, national scholarship information is listed on the Tantasqua Daily Bulletin for a few days and added to our ongoing Tantasqua Scholarship Directory.  An up-to-date hard copy of the Scholarship Directory is located on the scholarship file cabinet in the school counseling office.  Scholarship applications are placed in the scholarship file cabinet as they are received and are always available for student/parent/guardian pickup.

Many web-based national scholarship search engines have been developed over time.  Some are more reputable than others.  The links below are endorsed by Tantasqua.

bulletCollege Board Big Future
bulletChegg Scholarships
bulletFastweb Scholarships
bulletMEFA Scholarship Page
bulletHigh Five Scholarships
bulletMassachusetts Office of Student Financial Aid