Student Recognition Program

Tantasqua's Student Recognition Program acknowledges the academic and civic achievement of our students. Parents and students are welcomed to join the advisory committee to aid in the planning, preparation, and implementation of program activities. The goals of the program aim to celebrate student academic and civic achievement at a variety of levels.

"Senior of the Month" is an award given to seniors who demonstrate outstanding character through their leadership and citizenship at school. These students receive a letter of commendation and special parking privileges as an added reward for their efforts.

The "Academic Awards Banquet" is a yearly activity celebrating the achievement of those individuals who have consistently made the honor roll and those individuals who receive special awards for academic excellence. Students are honored at a banquet dinner with parents, teachers, and school and community leaders. This is the culminating event of the school year held in early June.

"Honor Roll Posters" are displayed in several locations throughout the school. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and believe that it is important to acknowledge the effort and motivation required to attain honor roll status. Click here to view the current honor roll posters.